… Rick Maher (me)

Professionally speaking, I am a business improver. I worked as a management consultant on a wide variety of projects with numerous world class companies, and am ready to deliver great results “in industry” as consultants like to call it.

I bring value to businesses in my ability to break down a business challenge into manageable, actionable pieces. Then I work with the people involved in the challenge to deeply understand their situation and difficulties. I know that without a thorough understanding of the people situation, I will never be effective in gaining their credibility and buy-in on any improvement recommendations.

That all really sounds like a cover letter right? That is precisely the reason for this website.

… RickMaher.info (this website)

While there are posts on here that attempt to differentiate me in search engine queries for my name from other Rick Maher’s of the world, the real reason I created this site was to be a medium to document and commentate on my experiences and thoughts of the business world.

Those who know me, know that I love business. I love improving businesses. Be they my clients, my firm, my friends’ small businesses, businesses my families work in, any business! I love learning about the challenges businesses are facing and thinking them through to the point of being able to develop practical, effective improvements.

I am trying hard to add posts to this website detailing the projects that I have completed. I am constantly watching / reading / listening to current business news, and use this website to express my point of view. Finally, I love sharing great business, management, and career tips and resources, and have found this website to be an effective way for me to aggregate these items.

… My Employers and Clients (obligatory disclaimer)

I try really hard to bring incredible transparency to most of my work, my personal life, and this website. However, that transparency on RickMaher.info reaches only as deep as my own personal views – which do not necessarily reflect the views of my employers or clients. Indeed, out of respect for my employers and clients I have left out names and materially changed facts and figures in order to protect their confidentiality, and most of all, my relationship with them.

… You (visitors that have made it this far into my About page)

First of all – Thank you very much for visiting.

Second – Please do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear from you in any and all of the following situations:

  • You are interested in hiring me or working with me
  • You want to talk business
  • You want to know more about my experiences
  • You want to share a story of your own
  • You are family or friend and are stalking me

Please click over to Contact Rick Maher and give me a call or drop me a note. If that’s not your cup of tea, follow me on Twitter @Rick_Maher or connect with me on Rick Maher on LinkedIn.