As a management consultant I completed a wide range business improvement projects with world class companies in tons of industries. I have profiled a few of my projects here on, but out of respect for my clients confidentiality, I have excluded their names and have changed some material facts and figures.

Project Profiles:

Patient Flow Improvement Cuts Hospital Emergency Department Length of Stay (LOS)

As a management consultant, I worked with a client hospital emergency department to reduce Average Length of Stay by 10%. Specific improvements implemented include patient arrival time and volume modeling, aligned clinical team scheduling, standardized nurse / doctor communication practices, and innovative charge-nurse-esque patient outflow coordinator.

Lean Implementation Saves Food Manufacturing Plant $800k/yr

As a management consultant, I worked with a client food manufacturing plant to kick-start a stalling lean implementation. By focusing the effort on throughput at the constraint, lean methodologies such as 5S, Visual Management System, and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), plant throughput skyrocketed nearly 60%. This improvement was achieved with zero capital expenditure and allowed for competitive advantage as low cost producer in growing demand.